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Vendor Highlight with Maeflour Cakes

Katie has the freaking cutest brand. Really. It’s unique, colorful, and she makes the most delicious baked goods! I’m stoked to highlight her. If you’re looking for yummy treats, she’s your girl!

Vendor Highlight with Maeflour Cakes

How long has Maeflour been around and why are you passionate about it? 

In 2015, I started Maeflour 1.0, also known as Sift Bakehouse. In 2019 I renamed and rebranded to what is now known as Maeflour! I am passionate about creativity, love, and sugar. What better way to combine the three than making wedding cakes?! I specialize in funky, handpainted cakes and treats. The more color and texture from frosting to floral, the better! I love making a centerpiece of a wedding by bringing together important elements from your day and filling your guests’ tummies with the yummies!

What kind of events do you offer baked goods for?

I mostly bake for weddings but am open to all sorts of events! Anything worth celebrating deserves a cake. Sometimes my favorite occasions are no occasions at all. 🙂 Random Tuesday? You need a dozen macarons. Get a great haircut? CUPCAKES FOR YOU!

Vendor Highlight with Maeflour Cakes

Who are your fave couples to work with?

I love couples who are fun and trusting. When the couples know that their love is the point of their day, then they usually allow their vendors to do what they do best. I know that I shine when I am given the opportunity to guide couples in their cake and table design rather than having to go off someone else’s work. Don’t get me wrong, I love inspiration and Pinterest, but when investing in a cake artist you really have the chance to “think outside the cake box.” (shameless tagline woohoo!)

How early should couples hire a baker?

I usually suggest 6-9 months before their event, maximum. If the wedding is a year or more away I worry that too many things will change from guest count to design choices, and I want to make sure they remember what they tasted. Hehe. 😉

Do you offer delivery and pickup? 

I sure do! I prefer to deliver for weddings versus pickup since delivering wedding cakes is an art! I have the experience and tools to fix all of the things. Plus, having me put on your flowers and set up the table are two more things to check off your list day-of while your guests (and hopefully you) celebrate!!

Vendor Highlight with Maeflour Cakes

Anything else you’d like to share?

Suzy is AWESOME. Hire her!! 

Awwwwh Katie! You’re too kind! I’m so pumped to share your interview and can’t wait for our future weddings together! Give Katie a follow here:

Website | Instagram

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