10 Steps for a Successful Business Rebrand



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10 Steps for a Successful Business Rebrand

10 Steps for a Successful Business Rebrand

At the end of 2016, I successfully rebranded my wedding photography business.

Over the course of 5 months, I trusted the creative process and dug deep within myself to discover who I am and who my ideal client is. I discovered crucial aspects of rebranding that launched my business into the most lucrative year yet, such as hiring a brand coach, professional designer, and having a post-launch strategy.

Rebranding is a popular topic amongst photographers and I’d love to share my knowledge on how to successfully rebrand a creative business. Here are my 10 steps for a successful business rebrand!

1 | Hire A Branding Coach

This step is crucial for a successful rebrand! Find a brand coach who understands your vibe and personality, it’ll make all the difference! Shoutout to my branding coach, Brand Epiphany!10 Steps for a Successful Rebrand

2 | Style a Branding Shoot

After spending time with a brand coach, you’ll have a clear understanding of who your ideal client is. Use the information you gathered to style a brand photoshoot. This is a peek at my mood board from a previous branding shoot.

10 Steps for a Successful Rebrand

3 | New Headshots

Be sure to get a combo of professional headshots and casual photos in your natural work environment. I update my headshots about twice a year by fellow photographers I love!10 Steps for a Successful Rebrand

4 | Finalize Images

Select final images for your website galleries, bio section, and social media launch.

10 Steps for a Successful Rebrand

5 | Hire a Copywriter

Find a professional who can represent your brand well and who has a writing style you connect with. Amber Lea has done an incredible job with crafting my copy. She understands my brand and voice so well and I couldn’t be happier.

10 Steps for a Successful Rebrand

6 | Hire a Designer

There are so many website platforms and designers out there! Research and compare web platforms and various design options, like building a site from scratch or using a template. Sites like Squarespace and Showit offer amazing templates! The team at Go Live HQ designed my site and I’ve been in love since day 1!

10 Steps for a Successful Rebrand

7 | Create Workflows & Client Experience

Create a separate workflow for each part of your business, from weddings to engagement sessions to products. Create an amazing client experience that they’ll never forget!
Honeybook is my favorite client management tool and I can’t imagine having a business without it.
Here is a discount code to get 50% off your first year of Honeybook!

10 Steps for a Successful Rebrand

8 | Create Pre Launch, Launch, and Post Launch Strategy

This includes all email marketing, social media graphics, captions, giveaways, + more. This is a crucial piece of your new brand! Your friends, clients, and biggest supporters need to know you’re launching a new initiative. Be sure to brainstorm how they can get involved and get the word out.

10 Steps for a Successful Rebrand


9 | Soft Launch

Give yourself space for the small adjustments that will need to be made. Be sure to soft launch (without telling the world!) and triple check grammar, links, and overall flow of your site.

10 Steps for a Successful Rebrand

10 | Launch Day!

It’s party time! Pop the champagne and celebrate!

10 Steps for a Successful Rebrand

Bonus Tip

Take it slow and enjoy the process. It can be easy to rush through only to arrive at a final product and brand that doesn’t reflect who you are authentically. Some steps may take longer than others, that’s totally normal. Trust your intuition and follow your heart and you’ll arrive at a rebrand that you LOVE and are proud to share.

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10 Steps for a Successful Rebrand.
Successful Rebrand


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