5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Photographer



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When hiring a professional photographer, it is important to consider a few details before making a final decision. Here’s a list of 5 questions to ask before hiring your photographer!

1. What’s your connection like?

Having a great connection to your photographer is crucial to creating amazing photos. As a photographer, when my clients fully know and trust me, it allows a deep connection to form between us. This brings their photos to life in a whole new way. That’s where the magic happens.
*This is why I love meeting with my couples a few times before the big day. We get coffee, take engagement photos, and visit the venue together. Showing up and “just” being a wedding photographer isn’t my jam. I’m your new best friend!

2. What’s their approach to portraits?

Understanding your photographer’s style and approach to portraits (and photos in general) is important because you want to jive with them. Some photographers offer a laid-back experience while others pose more specifically. Take time to think about what’s best for you and your love and get to know your photographer.
*Engagement photos are the perfect way to get comfortable in front of the camera and spend time with your photographer. I highly recommend each of my couples experience engagement photos with me.

3. When is their favorite time for portraits?

Friends, light is everything. And every photographer has their favorite time of day for portraits. Let them guide you in creating a timeline to ensure you get the best portraits possible. For some couples, a dreamy sunset ceremony sounds perfect, while for others, they want that golden light for their portraits. Think through what’s important to you and communicate that to your photographer.

4. Ask the techy questions!

Don’t be afraid to ask the technical questions. Do they shoot in raw? Do they shoot on 2 memory cards for an instant backup? Do they regularly back up their hard drives onto the cloud? Do they have a backup camera? How will images be delivered and in what time frame? (I’m a fan of backing things up if you can’t tell ????)

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  5. Who is on their team and what’s their backup plan?

Get to know your photographer’s team and emergency plan. Will they provide a second photographer or assistant on the wedding day and who are they? What’s their plan if they’re too sick to photograph the big day? Although it’s the exception to the rule, a great photographer knows their limits and when they need to step aside because of illness or unexpected events. Be sure they have a backup plan that you’re comfortable with.

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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Photographer.


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