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Date Night Idea with Crated with Love

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During quarantine, it can be way too easy to forget about intentional time with your babe. Having to stay home and getting stuck in a rut can start to feel a bit mundane. What better way to stay connected than a date night in a box, delivered right to your door? This is such a great option for folks to have a super fun date night from the comfort of their own home.

Even if you have been able to balance your dating life with your person, this is definitely a way to spice things up with something new. And they do all the planning for you! They have tons of different themes and activities to keep you plenty entertained.

Crated with Love was founded by Tyler and Michelle (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)) in 2014. After noticing how hectic life got and how their relationship was affected, they recommitted to date night (even creating a specific “date night” budget for each month). It helped strengthen their relationship so much that they launched Crated with Love with the goal of helping other couples recommit to date night as well!”

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Mike and I even tried Crated with Love during a recent date night! It was a cute Yosemite themed game night that had a few different components and overall was super fun. If you want to snag your own date night, grab the link here!

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