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Favorite Amazon Products // This post contains affiliate links.

Babes! I’m stoked to share 10 of my favorite Amazon purchases with you! These are just some of the rad products I’ve ordered and use on a regular basis (some on a daily basis)! I really love them and hope you find joy in them too!

1. Comfy Bike Shorts

During the summer, you can find me basically living in these bike shorts. They’re super affordable, quality, and best of all – comfy! They come in 2 lengths (5″ and 8″) and mine are the 8″ length. They’re perfect for a warm summer day, traveling, or lounging around the house!

2. Rose Lip Balm

I’m a chapstick fanatic, like really. I’ve tried them all. I have chronically dry lips and this rose lip balm is absolute magic.

3. Ninja Coffee Maker

It’s no secret that I love coffee. I’ll take a cup of joe in basically any form. After a ton of research and evaluating my wants and needs for a coffee maker, I chose the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker. It makes everything from a full pot to a single cup. It also pulls concentrated amounts of coffee that can be used to make pseudo americanos or cortados. Although it doesn’t pull real espresso shots, it’s a fun way to experiment and make different drinks!

4. Insulated Water Bottle

Insulated water bottles are all the rage right now, and for good reason! They’re good for the environment (no more single-use plastic) and they keep water cold for hours and hours (even in the Phoenix desert)! The 22oz white Iron Flask is my fave because it fits into my car’s cupholder and my camera backpack. Say what!? They have a range of sizes and colors. You’ll love it!

5. Unite Leave In Conditioner

My long hair gets super tangled, so this leave-in conditioner is a godsend. I spray it all over my hair after a shower and typically let it air-dry afterward, but you can definitely apply heat too! Can’t love it enough!

6. Electric Wine Opener

I’m a big red wine fan, especially the Arizona Downtown Red Blend! This electric wine opener makes life easier and let’s be honest, a little fancier. Plus, it comes with a few fun accessories!

7. Bodysuit

Who knew Amazon had so many fun clothing items?! This bodysuit is perfect with jeans, skirts, and overalls! They are fitted and run a bit small, but are so comfy! Highly recommend.

8. Floor to Ceiling Shower Curtain

This setup completely changed our bathroom! We have a tiny master bathroom and this ceiling mounted shower curtain makes it looks so much bigger! We bought the ceiling mount from Ikea and the extra tall shower curtain from Amazon!

9. Desktop Dry Erase Board

This is a fun gift my husband bought for me! He noticed I would always write my daily to-do list items on sticky notes and then a few days later, just throw them away. He found this glass dry erase board that fits perfectly under my iMac! I love writing reminders and crossing items off my todo list. Thanks, babe!

10. Linen Jumpsuit Overalls

These linen jumpsuit overalls are my new staple. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and so versatile! Find them here!

I hope you’ll love a few of my tried and true Amazon faves!

Bonus: If you’re a photographer or tech nerd, I’ve made a list of my favorite photo-related and tech products here!


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